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Calculated Risk Emphasis on macroeconomics and financial economics.
Econbrowser Emphasis on macroeconomics and energy markets.
Economists View Current economic news. Lots of links.
Freakonomics Authors of the book Freakonomics disscuss a variety of issues from an economic perspective.
Grasping Reality With Both Hands Economic historian with liberal economic viewpoint.
Greg Mankiw Former chairman of CEA with conservative economic viewpoint.
Guy's Econometrics Blog Economist at University of Portsmouth, U.K., discusses econometrics topics, adds humor.
Marginal Revolution Libertarian economists with variety of microeconomic applications.
Real Time Economics Wall Street Journal blog with variety of economic news and topics.
The Conscience of a Liberal Nobel price winning economist with liberal economic viewpoint.
The Health Economics Blog Health economist with discussion of global health economics issues.
The Sports Economist Issues related to the economics of sports.
Wine and Food Economics Blog Issues related to wine economics.


Areavibes Information on cost of living for locations in the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics Data on inflation, prices, unemployment, productivity, and more. Economic and non-economic information on U.S. cities, e.g., Ann Arbor, MI.
Economic Report of the President Variety of macroeconomic data and information. Council of Economic Advisors
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Data and research on macroeconomics.
Fedstats Links to Federal data .
Resources for Economists Thousands of "Economic" links (including jokes)
National Bureau of Economic Research Data and research on macro and micro economic topics. Country level data for a large number of economic and other variables. State level data for a large number of economic and other variables.
U.S. Census American Fact Finder Economic, population, housing, and geographic data for states, counties and cities.


Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau Federal government agency that regulates wine. Information on laws and regulations related to the wine industry.
American Association of Wine Economists Information about the American Association of Wine Economists.
California Association of Winegrape Growers Information related to grape growing and vineyards.
Compli Beverage Industry Compliance Information on state wine regulations and requirements
Liquid Assets Economist Orley Ashenfelter's wine website. Articles, data, book reviews, and more.
Wine Searcher Find and Price Wine, Beer, and Spirits across online stores
Orley Ashenfelter Interview Business Week interview with economist Orley Ashefelter on wine.
Steven Levitt on Wine Economist and author of the book Freakonomics gives his view on wine.
Texas Winegrowing Network Articles on vineyard economics, as well as information on wine making, and more.
U.S. Wine Industry 2008 U.S. Department of Commerce report on the wine industry.
Wine Industry Insight Latest news on the wine industry and more. Lewis Perdue, author of the book The Wrath of Grapes, is the editor.
Wine Industry Search Engine search engine for information on the wine industry available on the Web.
Wine Institute Wine news, statistics, regulation, policy related issues, and more.
Wine Lovers Page Links to hundreds of wine related websites.
Wine Market Council Summary of study on wine consumer behavior.
Wine Spectator, Wine and Health Wine spectator magazine link that summarizes studies on wine and health.
WineAmerica Articles and information on wine policy issues. Wine economics news, research, and data. Database of articles on wine business, history, wine making, and grape growing.
Wines & Vines Variety of news and editorials related to the wine industry.
www.Wine-Economics Gives links related to economics of the wine industry.


Economic Data Sources Economic Data Sources including Everyday Economics Statistics and Current Economnic Indicators
Guy's Econometrics Blog Economist at University of Portsmouth, U. K., discusses econometrics topics, adds humor.
Social Science Statistics Blog Focuses on statistical issues in the social sciences.
What's New in Econometrics NBER short course on recent advancements in econometrics taught by Jeffrey Wooldridge and Guido Imbens.
What's New in Time Series Econometrics NBER short course on recent advancements in time series econometrics taught by James Stock and Mark Watson.
Statistical Computing Package Tutorials UCLA Academic Technology Services tutorials for SAS, Stata, Limdep, and SPSS.


Arts and Letters Daily A variety of information about everything and links.


Journal of Wine Economics